Adventuring can be scary, especially when you’re only a few inches tall!


Meet Luna. She’s a small but mighty adventurer, curiously seeking to learn more about the world and the many creatures on it. And who better to accompany her on her travels than her beloved canine friends; Pedro, Ed and Lola. Together they form the sausage squad with their similar silhouettes but unique strengths. 


Now you can join them too on their magical journey through the transportational tunnel to new adventures, discoveries and friendships! 

Get ready for a surprise, as you never know where the tunnel may take you. Could you end up further than you ever imagined? 


This charming, uplifting and educational book will be sure to capture hearts and inspire little readers. And the beautiful illustrations help further bring to life the magic of the stories. 


Welcome to the squad!


Comes beautifully packaged in environmentally friendly packaging made of recycled materials. If your purchase is a gift, please leave any gift messages and the name of the receipient in the notes of your order. 


All profits will be donated to Starlight UK in support of critically ill children and their families. 


**Currently sneaking "Scratch My Belly" cards into each order for a chance to win some treats with your next order.**

The Sausage Squad and the Transportational Tunnel

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  • 21cm x 21cm 


    32 pages